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A bit about Ed Lieberman:

Looking back, Ed realizes his passion for VO began after he was chosen to be the announcer for the prestigious 5th grade May dance festival. He received parental critical acclaim and outstanding reviews from the school PTA.

Since those fateful announcements, Ed has been busy putting his left brain/right brain prowess to work. Now a well-established voice actor, his repertoire also includes, on-camera commercial and theatrical acting, improvisational comedy, graphic design, and the locally well know host and producer of Business Matters! - the riveting El Segundo TV Show that everyone in El Segundo was talking about.

Ed Lieberman VOOh, more recently his agent scored some unique VO work for him on popular episodic TV - Dharma and Greg and three episodes of The Big Bang Theory! Also he has recently voiced commercials for Medical Rehab Centers and was the infamous inner voice for Taco Bells, double decker taco radio spots.

Ed can be found recording excellent voiceover from his ocean view studio in Venice Beach, CA.